A Python client to configure and create connectors using the Kafka Connect API.

This site provides documentation for the kafka-connect-manager configuration, installation, user guide, development guide, and CLI reference.

To run kafka-connect-manager locally, you can jump straight to the Configuration and User guide sessions.


Kafka-connect-manager helps to configure and create Kafka connectors. It can select Kafka topics using a regular expression and exclude topics added to a exclusion list. The auto-update option dynamically updates the connector if topics are created or deleted in Kafka.

Kafka-connect-manager can validate the connector configuration and return the validation output in case of errors.

Kafka-connect-manager provides a command line interface (CLI) to interact with the Kafka Connect API. Using the CLI you can manage existing connectors or create a new one.

To deploy a supported connector, you can use the kafka-connect-manager Helm chart.

Supported connectors