A Python client for managing connectors using the Kafka Connect API.


Kafkaconnect provides a command line interface (CLI) to interact with the Kafka Connect API and manage connectors.

For dynamic connectors, the configuration is defined in a JSON file and uploaded to the Kafka Connect API. For non dynamic connectors, kafkaconnect can be used as a wrapper to auto-update the connector configuration when topics are created or deleted in Kafka.

To deploy a connector on Kubernetes use the kafka-connect-manager Helm chart. For dynamic connectors, the configuration is stored in a configmap which is templated in Helm.

Supported connectors

List of connectors kafkaconnect currently supports:

Note: other connectors can also be managed by kafkaconnect using the upload command, as long as they are installed in the cp-kafka-connect docker image.



User guide

Development guide


Project information

The GitHub repository for kafka-connect-manager is https://github.com/lsst-sqre/kafka-connect-manager

See the LICENSE file for licensing information.