Connect manager

Python client for managing the Confluent Kafka connect REST Interface.


  • List, create, and delete connectors
  • Get info, status, pause, resume and restart an existing connector
  • k8s deployment via kafka-connect-manager Helm chart

Supported connectors

  • Lenses InfluxDB Sink
    • Scripted configuration
    • Dynamically check existing topics in Kafka and update the connector configuration
    • Skip topic names added to a blacklist
    • Select timestamp field to use as the InfluxDB time
    • Error handling
  • Confluent Replicator
    • Scripted configuration
    • Dynamically poll the source cluster for new topics
    • Support topic replication and schema continuous migration
    • Skip topic names added to a blacklist


Install kafka-connect-manager:

pip install kafka-connect-manager

Project information

The main Git repository for connect-mananer is

See the LICENSE file for licensing information.